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Scores on the Doors

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘What is ‘Scores on the Doors’ and how does it affect customer perception of a caterer’s business?’

And here’s what he told us…

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Eliminate washroom odours with Airsteril

There are three main factors that your guests are looking for when they visit the washroom. These are for it to look and feel clean, smell fresh and to be hygienic.

When dining at a restaurant, your guests want to enjoy the whole experience, from food to atmosphere and quality, including the standards of the restrooms. If washrooms are lacking in the three main factors ‘clean, fresh and hygienic’ customers are likely to wonder if the kitchen and food preparation areas are lacking in these factors too.

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Huhtamaki - Eatwell - Winter Warmers

‘Eatwell’ this winter with Huhtamaki

Almost three quarters of us buy food to go each week*, and as we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn and the approaching winter, consumer demand for more substantial takeaway foods that help take the edge off the seasonal chill will be inevitable. Using ‘Eatwell’ paper food containers from Huhtamaki, caterers can easily serve hearty and wholesome meals which can be enjoyed on the go.

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The stylish sidekick to super burgers

Unique varieties of burgers and hot dogs have become increasingly popular here in the UK. These traditional dishes have undergone a huge transformation, available in many shapes and sizes, with many food outlets offering some form gourmet food on their menus. Gourmet style burgers or hot dogs covered in delicious toppings and served in exciting ways are available in a selection that fits everyone’s tastes, from vegans to carnivores and even those that enjoy a bit of spice.

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Introducing our 2016 exclusive Christmas hot cups

With autumn taking hold and cooler weather on the way, it’s time for operators to begin the launch of their winter menus and be ready for the big freeze. An important part of any cosy winter menu is the hot drink options, especially coffee, tea and hot chocolate. But with consumers becoming more adventurous with their food and drink choices, traditional drinks are often cast aside in favour of modern twists.

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Stopping slips

Bonasystems: How can slips be reduced in your establishment?

Slips are one of the largest causes of accidents in the UK, with over 50% of reported accidents happening to members of the public when visiting workplaces and 33% of all personal injury claims caused by slips. This costs society billions per year, but the costs to individual businesses can also be huge: the average claim is £14,000 which in most cases comes directly from the bottom line.

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The fastest way to break your fast: Breakfast to go

Quoted as “the most important meal of the day”, surprisingly breakfast is one of the meals that is skipped the most often here in the UK. A survey by Harris Interactive has found that 45 percent of Brits admit to missing breakfast at least once a week. But surely this is not completely by choice? Time and convenience frequently play a part in whether stomachs are fulfilled in the morning. The Mintel Breakfast Catering report from 2013 found that around a quarter of consumers eat breakfast out of home once a week or more, with recent research from Harris International suggesting that two thirds of adults purchase their breakfast on the way to work from either a retailer or a foodservice operator. This means that this could be a real growth area for operators who are not currently providing a varied breakfast offering. Of all the meals eaten out of home, Harris International have found that breakfast is the most impulse driven.

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Chef dispensing film

Wrapmaster launches Easy Start cling film

Wrap Film Systems – makers of the award winning Wrapmaster range – has introduced a new ‘Easy Start’ feature to its cling film to give professionals a seamless start and a perfect tangle-free cut every time.

When the pressure is on in the kitchen, the innovative ‘Easy Start’ roll back removes the hassle associated with using a new roll of cling film making the Wrapmaster range even easier to use and allowing professionals to go about their service without the headache of a tangled start to a roll of cling film.

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Juice Burst, bursting with goodness

The Juice category has been going through something of a hard time of late, as consumers become more cautious of added sugar in their beverages; however there is one brand that has been thriving throughout. JUICEBURST has been established for fifteen years now, and a change of ownership five years ago has seen strong growth ever since. According to CGA, JUICEBURST is growing at 165% versus last year in the Foodservice Market (1/8/16 MAT).

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