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Food on the go trend 2017 – have we gone crazy for an im-pasta?

In Hollywood, plant-based eating has been considered the ‘fountain of youth’ by celebrities for a long time – and over the last couple of years it has become extremely popular with the public as it allows them to eat their food favourites without the health costs of high fat and sugar content. Vegetables are taking centre-stage in dishes, as customers are increasingly focused on a healthy lifestyle and cutting down on their carb intake.

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Kraft napkins and Towel napkins – what’s new in tableware?

Did you know – JK Rowling used a napkin to sketch down her first ideas for Harry Potter, and Lionel Messi signed his first professional football contract on a napkin?

Disposable napkins and tableware are essential for restaurant and catering operators – they are a must have item, whether on the table or the counter-top. The reason they are important is they are practical, imperative for dining hygiene, and they look good – and first impressions are everything when serving food.

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Jade Taft and John Larkin - Founder of Starfish Project

Our people: Kevin Ephgrave – managing the donation of surplus stock to help those in need

In 2016 Kevin Ephgrave, Stock Control Manager from Bunzl Catering Supplies decided he’d like to find a way to create social value from surplus stock, which was otherwise being treated as waste or being sold to ‘jobbers’. He has overseen the donation of goods with a retail value of £45,000 to charity In Kind, benefiting 419 charities in the UK.

Kevin is motivated by the desire to help people who have fallen on hard times – and he plans to help more local charities in 2017.

To find out more please read the full interview with Kevin below:

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Taken from Maxwells

Food on the go trend 2017 – The monstrous freakshake.

A high-calorie, mega milkshake – a mash-up of drink and dessert – the freakshake has arrived, and customers are literally queuing round the corner to get one.

Originally crafted in 2015 in an Australian café called Patissez, the new-age milkshakes became an instant hit on social media – with their undeniable extravagance and visual appeal. And since then the social media buzz has not abated – with thousands of posts on Instagram and Pinterest – these platforms have helped make freakshakes famous across the globe.

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Food delivery – The new weekend MUST HAVE

Food delivery is booming. More and more restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon (or moped!) and the choice of meal delivery websites and apps is growing, with new entrants on the market including; Supper, UberEats and Feast. Supper are a brand new entrant who are looking to offer consumers more variety. They noticed that the calibre of casual dining had rocketed in the last few years and partnered with L’Anima, Homeslice, Kurobuta, Mac & Wild and Tamarind to offer delivery, using their specially adapted Japanese delivery bikes, to London-based consumers.

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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Colourful smoothie bowls

Brimming with colourful ingredients, bowls full of deliciously creamy thick smoothie, pilled with an assortment of fruits, nuts and seeds have taken breakfast to a whole new level.

The popularity of the smoothie bowl trend was first born when health food bloggers on Instagram flooded their feeds with bowl after bowl of vibrant, photogenic smoothies.

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Our People: Tina Pankova – ‘Namaste’ to Nepal

On the 9 March, 26 volunteers from the hospitality industry began a once in a lifetime challenge and community trek to Nepal. An annual event, run by The Springboard Charity, and now in its 6th year – the participants experienced an off the beaten track adventure which included five days trekking in the spectacular Mahalangur mountains and three days working with a local community school, to help rectify some of the damage caused by the destructive earthquake the region experienced in 2015.

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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Infinitely adaptable Poutine

A 1950s working-class dish, originally served in Canadian province Quebec, the classic Canadian staple known as Poutine has been steadily growing in popularity. The dish in its purest form features a foundation of crispy French fries smothered in thick brown gravy and firm, springy cheese curds.

First hitting the headlines back in 2016, chefs are continuing to elevate this dish by adding new ingredients, including everything from bone marrow to foie gras – and we’re certain that it will continue to pop-up on menus in the region’s most trendy restaurants and street food vendors this year.

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