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Keep your kitchen clean all year round

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘how can caterers get the best performance from their regular cleaning products?’

And here’s what he told us…

Even with high quality cleaning products, results can still be poor if the products aren’t used properly. Often the quality of cleaning will depend on knowledge of which cleaning product to use for each task and how to use them correctly.

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New year, new menu

It’s that time of the year again, the time when customers take steps towards eating better after the mouth-watering delicacies of the Christmas period. Many predictions have been made about which foods will be trendy and popular in 2017, but one thing’s for sure, a shake-up of your food-to-go options is likely to go down well with your customers.

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Deb Washroom Image

More pleasant washrooms – a New Year’s Resolution that makes a real difference

No toilet paper, dirty surfaces, broken toilet seats – when it comes to washrooms, first impressions are everything. If even just one aspect of a facility doesn’t meet the expectations of its users, they are likely to feel negative about the environment they find themselves in. And it can be very hard to rectify this later on.

There are few places where this matters more than the catering and hospitality industry: figures show that over 40% of people are concerned about hygiene when eating out [1]. And if customers think there is a hygiene issue in front-of-house facilities such as washrooms, they will – rightly or wrongly – assume there are issues in the back-of-house too.

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Caterlabel full label

You are what you eat, but what are you eating? – The trend for clean labelling

It has long been said that ‘you are what you eat’, and although a little over simplistic, the phrase encompasses the theory that a healthy and happy life can often be attributed to the food that you consume.

The question “what’s on your plate today?” sounds simple, but do you actually know what are you consuming and what truly goes into each part of every meal that you eat?

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Plastic bottles

Dealing with plastic packaging responsibly

Ask the Expert: Jo Gilroy (Strategic Customer Sustainability Manager)

We asked our Sustainability expert ‘What are some of the proactive steps that food operators can take to deal with plastic packaging responsibly?’

And here’s what she told us…

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Crackers - blue matching

Setting your tables for Christmas

If there’s one time of the year when you need to make your dining tables extra special, it’s Christmas. Creating a table with the wow factor sets the tone for the entire Christmas dinner. Often during the festive season, groups of friends, family and colleagues gather together to enjoy a few drinks and a delicious meal. Your diners expect tables that will fit every member of their group together, but also enough room on the table for each individual to sit comfortably, and be able to move their arms when using cutlery. Festive bookings will be made for both lunch and dinner as your customers arrange suitable times that their dining group can meet.

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Wrap Film Systems - Wrapmaster dispenser

Hygiene is most important when choosing where to eat

Forget quality food, good service and a great atmosphere, when it comes to choosing where to eat, consumers think that hygiene is the most important factor.

New research* has revealed that more than two-thirds of people put hygiene first when it comes to choosing where they dine, and a further 84% wouldn’t eat somewhere if they heard it had bad hygiene ratings. As awareness of the Food Standards Agency’s Food Hygiene Rating scheme grows – 86% of people now recognise the rating – operators are being encouraged to think not only how critical kitchen cleanliness is for their establishment, but also how important food hygiene ratings are to customers.

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