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Setting your tables for Christmas

If there’s one time of the year when you need to make your dining tables extra special, it’s Christmas. Creating a table with the wow factor sets the tone for the entire Christmas dinner. Often during the festive season, groups of friends, family and colleagues gather together to enjoy a few drinks and a delicious meal. Your diners expect tables that will fit every member of their group together, but also enough room on the table for each individual to sit comfortably, and be able to move their arms when using cutlery. Festive bookings will be made for both lunch and dinner as your customers arrange suitable times that their dining group can meet.

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Wrap Film Systems - Wrapmaster dispenser

Hygiene is most important when choosing where to eat

Forget quality food, good service and a great atmosphere, when it comes to choosing where to eat, consumers think that hygiene is the most important factor.

New research* has revealed that more than two-thirds of people put hygiene first when it comes to choosing where they dine, and a further 84% wouldn’t eat somewhere if they heard it had bad hygiene ratings. As awareness of the Food Standards Agency’s Food Hygiene Rating scheme grows – 86% of people now recognise the rating – operators are being encouraged to think not only how critical kitchen cleanliness is for their establishment, but also how important food hygiene ratings are to customers.

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Keeping food consumers informed with nutritional information

According to NHS data, over 58% of women and 65% of men in England are classified as being overweight or obese, with a main contributor being the healthiness of their diets.

A lack of knowledge about nutritional information was the key barrier for people to make informed dietary choices and 40% of consumers stated that they found the format of nutritional information on food packaging confusing (Mintel, 2015).

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Bender Milano Barrier

Benders Milano Cup – ideal for drinking on the go

Here in the UK we love our hot beverages, especially in the colder months. According to The British Coffee Association, around 55 million cups of coffee are consumed every day and the UK Tea and Infusions Association’s website has revealed that 165 million cups of tea are consumed each day.

The Milano Barrier Insulated paper cup is perfect for all types of hot beverages on the go. The cup incorporates licensed high performance insulation technology exclusive to Benders Paper Cups. The unique construction offers a very comfortable textured feel in the hand. Its chic design is instantly recognisable and makes it suitable for any hot beverage and any application.

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Food delivery

How to deliver meals that will impress

Research conducted by CGA Peach has found that nearly 27 million people have had restaurant or takeaway food delivered in the UK over the last 6 months, with a third of consumers increasing the frequency with which they do so. Weekly delivery numbers have been found to be almost identical to the number of weekly dine-in restaurant visits, showing a real shift towards convenience eating at home. Traditional ‘fast-food’ establishments are not the only places offering delivery anymore. High street restaurant chains, cafes and even luxury restaurants are joining the trend, with Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows recently trialing delivery of a £35 set menu using the Deliveroo service.

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Smoothie Bowl

Bowl food: all the comforts of home, while on the go

You might wonder how bowl food can be a trend. It’s not a recipe or ingredient, in fact this trend is based more around the container than what’s on the menu. It’s true that putting food into a bowl is not innovative or new, however this trend is all about perfect combinations and flavours in a simple and easy to eat way. With bowl food there’s an option for everyone, it’s unfussy, fast and adaptable, and this is how what used to be seen as a quick way to throw a meal together at home has launched itself directly onto the menus of the UK high street.

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Cif Brass & Copper cleaner

Cif Brass & Copper cleans & shines in one step

With its handsome classic looks copper pans are the king of professional kitchens. As an excellent conductor of heat, copper responds very quickly to changes in temperature, giving chefs greater control.

Cookware made from copper is much less prone to hot spots in the metal, which means dishes are more likely to be cooked evenly – essential for professional chefs.

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