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Rainbow bagel

Rainbow food – fad or fabulous?

One of the hottest trends in the food world right now is rainbow versions of everyday foods. Formerly ‘normal’ dishes are being transformed into multi-coloured wonders, with the addition of food colourings. Foods that are being given the rainbow make-over include all-day staples such as croissants, bagels, cheese toasties, pizzas, muffins and waffles.

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Waste less and live more

Ask the Expert: Jo Gilroy (Strategic Customer Sustainability Manager).

We asked our Sustainability expert ‘How do you go about wasting less?’

And here’s what she told us…

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DayMark delivers more with food rotation label dispenser

Back-of-house food safety labels are essential in all professional kitchens. They are an excellent way to monitor proper food rotation and ensure First In First Out (FIFO) protocol.

Ensuring food freshness is an integral part to any food safety plan, and the most inexpensive and efficient way to ensure the freshness and safety of food is a simple food safety labelling system.

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Eco Christmas Tree Cracker - lifestyle

Bring the outdoors in this Christmas

Finding the perfect decorations and tableware to suit the décor in your establishment can be hard. At Christmas time there are numerous colour schemes to choose from; should you go traditional with reds and greens or luxurious with golds, silvers and even purples? This year why not try adding some rustic charm to bring the feel of the outdoors indoors.

With the bitter winter air tapping at the door, your customers are looking for somewhere cosy and comforting to enjoy festive food with their loved ones and experience the joy of winter, without the cold.

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PVA Blog Image

PVA Hygiene: A simple and effective way to clean

Cleaning chemicals are essential for any area where food is prepared or consumed. They are needed to remove soiling from surfaces and stop harmful bacteria from spreading. When you’re short on space, it can be difficult to find the room to safely store all of your crucial kitchen items, including those all-important chemicals.

PVA Hygiene markets an innovative means of dosing and controlling cleaning products by providing chemicals in powder form encapsulated in a water soluble sachet. The revolutionary capsules are measured out in the correct dosage for different application areas to offer convenience with effective, reliable performance.

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Scores on the Doors

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘What is ‘Scores on the Doors’ and how does it affect customer perception of a caterer’s business?’

And here’s what he told us…

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Eliminate washroom odours with Airsteril

There are three main factors that your guests are looking for when they visit the washroom. These are for it to look and feel clean, smell fresh and to be hygienic.

When dining at a restaurant, your guests want to enjoy the whole experience, from food to atmosphere and quality, including the standards of the restrooms. If washrooms are lacking in the three main factors ‘clean, fresh and hygienic’ customers are likely to wonder if the kitchen and food preparation areas are lacking in these factors too.

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Huhtamaki - Eatwell - Winter Warmers

‘Eatwell’ this winter with Huhtamaki

Almost three quarters of us buy food to go each week*, and as we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn and the approaching winter, consumer demand for more substantial takeaway foods that help take the edge off the seasonal chill will be inevitable. Using ‘Eatwell’ paper food containers from Huhtamaki, caterers can easily serve hearty and wholesome meals which can be enjoyed on the go.

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The stylish sidekick to super burgers

Unique varieties of burgers and hot dogs have become increasingly popular here in the UK. These traditional dishes have undergone a huge transformation, available in many shapes and sizes, with many food outlets offering some form gourmet food on their menus. Gourmet style burgers or hot dogs covered in delicious toppings and served in exciting ways are available in a selection that fits everyone’s tastes, from vegans to carnivores and even those that enjoy a bit of spice.

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Introducing our 2016 exclusive Christmas hot cups

With autumn taking hold and cooler weather on the way, it’s time for operators to begin the launch of their winter menus and be ready for the big freeze. An important part of any cosy winter menu is the hot drink options, especially coffee, tea and hot chocolate. But with consumers becoming more adventurous with their food and drink choices, traditional drinks are often cast aside in favour of modern twists.

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