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Keep packaging simple with Combione® innovative fused hinge containers from Colpac

Street food and artisan food markets have increased in popularity over the last few years and are providing food options that are unique and widely appreciated by UK consumers.

Combione is a new concept in combination packaging where the paperboard base and plastic lid are fused together. The innovative fused hinge creates a firm closing system between the paperboard base and plastic lid, to prevent leaks and provide an easy one-piece solution.

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Dart food containers

Dart Products Europe’s Hot Food to Go Survey

A recent survey carried out by Dart Products Europe has looked into the eating habits of consumers during the autumn and winter months.

It is of no surprise that there is an increase of hot food to go purchases throughout autumn and winter, as 83% of those who participated in the survey expressed that they buy hot food to go more frequently during the cooler season. Out of this 83% over 90% of them say that their chosen time to purchase is during the lunchtime period of 12 and 2pm, choosing a filling and flavoursome dish as a pick me up during lunch break.

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Bunzl employees fundraise for Springboard Charity Peru Trek

UK based hospitality charity Springboard are running a once in a lifetime community project to bring light and education to an isolated school in Peru. The trip will involve an arduous trek through a remote part of the Andes, camping on route, and then undertaking the task of installing solar panels in a school which currently has no electricity or power. The project, which will bring light, improve education through the gift of computers, and will provide other benefits to the school and the local community, takes place in March next year.

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Printed food bag

Bespoke printed bags: an effective advertising tool

Printing on your own products is one of the cheapest forms of advertisement, and it has often been said that ‘visibility is the key to success’.

Printed paper bags are low cost and effective as they allow businesses to reach a huge potential customer base. Many outlets are located next to large offices or businesses with high staff numbers, which means printed branding is constantly exposed to a large audience, allowing you to communicate with existing and potential customers

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Bolsius Relight

Stay on trend through the seasons with Bolsius® ReLight®

Most catering establishments change their menus at least once a year, with many choosing to adapt their offerings based on seasonal produce availability and outside temperature conditions. After menu changes and during special events such as Valentine’s Day, many establishments also change their tableware and packaging to create an atmosphere that reflects their new menu.

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Colpac Savori hot food packaging

The Colpac Savori Range, a simple hot food packaging solution

As Christmas shoppers fill the high streets, arms full of bags with gifts for their loved ones, they eagerly look for a quick and convenient snack to fill their grumbling stomachs. When searching for the ideal winter food for on the go, consumers look for something that is hot whilst also being easy to eat and hold whilst bundled up in coats and gloves.

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