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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Say Aloha To Poke!

In a new series of blogs for 2017 we’re bringing food operators the latest trends for the on-the-go food market.  From Acai bowls and Poke, to Bao burgers and rolled ice-cream – we’ll be taking a close look at the must-have dishes essential for any 2017 take-out menu; and we’ll be exploring why these dishes have risen to popularity so quickly.

Forget suppers of heat-and-eat pizza washed down with a glass or two of red wine. In 2017 we’ll be snacking on Hawaiian raw fish salad – says a report conducted by Waitrose. Sushi is being elbowed aside by Polynesian food – notably Hawaiian Poke, a raw fish salad marinated with lime, soy and sesame.

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Continued growth of the British staycation

Research by travel company, Travelzoo has found that of over 50% of the 1,200 British people surveyed, were considering the UK or Western Europe for their main holiday in 2017. Of those, 24% would take their holiday in England, 6% in Scotland, 4% in Wales and 3% in Ireland.

With the turbulence of 2016, many British holidaymakers opted to join the trend of a ‘staycation’, staying here in the UK for their holiday. 29% of Brits surveyed by Travelzoo said that they had spent their holiday here in 2016, with even more predicted for this year.

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Stylish packaging for on the go lifestyles

Snacking consumption has been on the rise for a few years now, but the most significant growth has come in the past two years. The proportion of consumers snacking everyday grew from 76% in 2014 to 83% in 2016, according to the Technomic “2016 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report”.

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Keep your kitchen clean all year round

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘how can caterers get the best performance from their regular cleaning products?’

And here’s what he told us…

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New year, new menu

It’s that time of the year again, the time when customers take steps towards eating better after the mouth-watering delicacies of the Christmas period. Many predictions have been made about which foods will be trendy and popular in 2017, but one thing’s for sure, a shake-up of your food-to-go options is likely to go down well with your customers.

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More pleasant washrooms – a New Year’s Resolution that makes a real difference

No toilet paper, dirty surfaces, broken toilet seats – when it comes to washrooms, first impressions are everything. If even just one aspect of a facility doesn’t meet the expectations of its users, they are likely to feel negative about the environment they find themselves in. And it can be very hard to rectify this later on.

There are few places where this matters more than the catering and hospitality industry: figures show that over 40% of people are concerned about hygiene when eating out [1]. And if customers think there is a hygiene issue in front-of-house facilities such as washrooms, they will – rightly or wrongly – assume there are issues in the back-of-house too.

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You are what you eat, but what are you eating? – The trend for clean labelling

It has long been said that ‘you are what you eat’, and although a little over simplistic, the phrase encompasses the theory that a healthy and happy life can often be attributed to the food that you consume.

The question “what’s on your plate today?” sounds simple, but do you actually know what are you consuming and what truly goes into each part of every meal that you eat?

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