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How is Avian Flu affecting the status of free range eggs in the foodservice environment?

Since December 2016 poultry owners in the UK have been advised to keep their birds indoors due to Avian Flu. The governments in England, Scotland and Wales issued this advice to protect the disease from spreading between birds. Although Avian Flu is not harmful to humans, bird flu is highly contagious amongst poultry and can wipe out entire flocks.

Birds that are usually free range are now being kept indoors for their protection. Under European Union rules, if birds have been housed for more than 12 weeks they cannot be marketed as free range.

For foodservice operators, this now means that the free range eggs and free range chicken used in their dishes may be from birds that are temporarily being reared indoors, and technically no longer meeting the standards to be free range.

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Pro2Pac Exhibition 2017

Pro2Pac is the UK’s only food & drink packaging event. Together with Waste-Works and IFE, it covers the full circle from Farm to Fork to Fertiliser and Fuel – three must-attend events all under one roof.

Taking place at ExCel London between 20-22 March, the event features a fantastic line-up of exhibitors and speakers.

The ‘Outside the box’ programme of speakers includes a large number of industry thought-leaders, including our Head of Sustainability, Jo Gilroy.

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Smith Anderson’s Hot’n’Crispy gets even hotter

The options of hot food-to-go dishes that foodservice operators now offer has exploded, and enjoying hot foods has become an all year round trend. To keep food hot and customers happy, Smith Anderson offer the ultimate solution for keeping food items insulated, whilst retaining the crispy texture. Hot’n’Crispy is a simple, yet effective piece of packaging that helps to deliver a great eating experience.

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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Ready, Set, Action, For Gourmet Popcorn

In a new series of blogs for 2017 we’re bringing food operators the latest trends for the on-the-go food market.  From Acai bowls and Poke, to Bao burgers and rolled ice-cream – we’ll be taking a close look at the must-have dishes essential for any 2017 take-out menu; and we’ll be exploring why these dishes have risen to popularity so quickly.

Traditionally reserved for a snack purchased at the cinema, popcorn has undergone a delicious gourmet twist to combine flavour and texture and create an experience suited to any occasion. Similar to the flavouring of crisps, popcorn began with simple and safe flavours, like salt, sugar or butter, before becoming more and more adventurous, much to the delight of consumers.

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Brunch, glorious brunch

The traditional pattern of three meals a day is becoming less common, particularly with millennials, and the culture of grazing and eating meals at any time during the day is on the rise. With breakfast on-the go becoming increasingly popular with office workers and those of us that require a quick nutritional fix before our busy day, it’s easy to see why relaxed meals like brunch, which satisfy our need to sometimes stop and take things slow, are also on the rise.

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Bowl food: all the comforts of home, while on the go

You may be wondering how ‘bowl food’ can be a trend. It’s not a recipe or an ingredient, in fact this trend is based more around the serving vessel than what’s inside. It’s true that putting food into a bowl is not an innovative or new idea, however this trend is all about creating the perfect combination of flavours in a way that is simple and easy to enjoy. With bowl food there’s an option for everyone, it’s unfussy, fast and adaptable. What has traditionally been seen as a quick way to throw a meal together at home has launched itself directly onto the menus of the UK high street.

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Packaging Innovations Exhibition

On Thursday 2 March, our Head of Sustainability, Jo Gilroy will be speaking at Packaging Innovations exhibition in Birmingham. Presenting in the Ecopack Theatre at 2.50pm, Jo will be talking around the topic of ‘making the consumer integral in the recycling process’.

Ecopack, along with Contact Pack, is part of the Packaging Innovations exhibition and co-located with Empack and Label&Print. As a group, these exhibitions form the only UK event to cover the whole packaging supply chain.

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PET Cup Inserts: Making Grab n’ Go easier

Take a look on the grab n’ go shelves of coffee shops and supermarkets and what were once unimaginative combinations of sandwiches, bags of high saturated crisps and pots of pre-chopped fruit are now an ever-evolving selection of seasonal recipes, Asian-influenced dishes and mix and match snacks and nibbles.

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Disposable paper cup recycling challenge launched for London’s Square Mile

This April, charity group Hubbub, in partnership with Simply Cups will begin the Square Mile Challenge, a project to collect and recycle disposable paper cups in the City of London. During the event, Hubbub aims to collect over half a million disposable cups in just one month. Once collected the cups will be sent to a specialist recycling facility where they will be transformed into a special resin. This resin will be used create new products such as pencils or park benches and donated to local schools and community groups.

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