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Diversey launch the new TASKI AERO vacuum cleaner range

From the 1st of September 2017 vacuum cleaners sold in Europe are required to be more cost- and energy-efficient. The European Commission is making use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that European consumers have the most energy efficient products available. The updated eco-design requirements will lower appliances’ maximum power, annual energy consumption and noise levels.

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Benders introduce new Venezia design vending cup range with innovative 12oz Max cup

According to the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) the UK vending industry turnover has increased by 2 per cent to £1.53 billion, with more operators expecting growth this year than delivered growth in 2016.

The average hot beverage vending machine dispenses 282 units per week and consumers are expecting a larger variety of high quality premium coffee options.

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Spice up your hot drink offer – with Zuma Organic Turmeric Chai

The trend for turmeric infused hot drinks has been brewing for a while. The market research firm Mintel named turmeric as one of its ‘foods to watch’ in 2016. Google singled-out turmeric’s ascent to stardom after searches for the spice increased by 56 per cent from November 2016 to January 2017.

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Serve your fashionable drink in a Flexy-Glass Hi-Ball tumbler

Our partner supplier Plastico has just launched a unique, new Flexy-Glass Hi-Ball disposable tumbler – the latest addition to its range of market leading polypropylene tumblers. Its slim, refined shape lends itself perfectly to long drinks – so we thought we’d look at some of the exciting long-drinks fashionable in 2017:

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The best way to wash fresh produce to remove bacteria and pesticides

Until Fresh Produce Wash entered the market, washing salads, fruit and vegetables in a chlorine solution was a common way to kill bacteria and remove pesticides. The usual way of making up a chlorine solution was by dropping soluble chlorine sanitiser tablets into a sink of fresh water, waiting for them to dissolve, then throwing in the salads, fruit and vegetables you want to wash. After a soak time specified by the tablet manufacturer, the produce was drained and then rinsed.

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Complete Kitchen Cleaning is as easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s a fact that commercial kitchens can get very dirty. Surfaces need to be regularly cleaned and sanitised, equipment needs to be washed so it’s free from contamination and floors need to be clean and dry to prevent slippages. With a multitude of activities taking place in a kitchen at once, it’s easy to see why cleaning can be missed if there’s no proper cleaning system in place.

Now that spring has sprung, ‘spring cleaning’ might be on your mind, and although a deep clean is essential in catering establishments, why not also use spring as a time to review and refresh your cleaning system?

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PET Cup Inserts: Making Grab n’ Go easier

Take a look on the grab n’ go shelves of coffee shops and supermarkets and what were once unimaginative combinations of sandwiches, bags of high saturated crisps and pots of pre-chopped fruit are now an ever-evolving selection of seasonal recipes, Asian-influenced dishes and mix and match snacks and nibbles.

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Cif Brass & Copper cleans & shines in one step

With its handsome classic looks copper pans are the king of professional kitchens. As an excellent conductor of heat, copper responds very quickly to changes in temperature, giving chefs greater control.

Cookware made from copper is much less prone to hot spots in the metal, which means dishes are more likely to be cooked evenly – essential for professional chefs.

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DayMark delivers more with food rotation label dispenser

Back-of-house food safety labels are essential in all professional kitchens. They are an excellent way to monitor proper food rotation and ensure First In First Out (FIFO) protocol.

Ensuring food freshness is an integral part to any food safety plan, and the most inexpensive and efficient way to ensure the freshness and safety of food is a simple food safety labelling system.

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PVA Hygiene: A simple and effective way to clean

Cleaning chemicals are essential for any area where food is prepared or consumed. They are needed to remove soiling from surfaces and stop harmful bacteria from spreading. When you’re short on space, it can be difficult to find the room to safely store all of your crucial kitchen items, including those all-important chemicals.

PVA Hygiene markets an innovative means of dosing and controlling cleaning products by providing chemicals in powder form encapsulated in a water soluble sachet. The revolutionary capsules are measured out in the correct dosage for different application areas to offer convenience with effective, reliable performance.

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Eliminate washroom odours with Airsteril

There are three main factors that your guests are looking for when they visit the washroom. These are for it to look and feel clean, smell fresh and to be hygienic.

When dining at a restaurant, your guests want to enjoy the whole experience, from food to atmosphere and quality, including the standards of the restrooms. If washrooms are lacking in the three main factors ‘clean, fresh and hygienic’ customers are likely to wonder if the kitchen and food preparation areas are lacking in these factors too.

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Introducing our 2016 exclusive Christmas hot cups

With autumn taking hold and cooler weather on the way, it’s time for operators to begin the launch of their winter menus and be ready for the big freeze. An important part of any cosy winter menu is the hot drink options, especially coffee, tea and hot chocolate. But with consumers becoming more adventurous with their food and drink choices, traditional drinks are often cast aside in favour of modern twists.

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Wrapmaster launches Easy Start cling film

Wrap Film Systems – makers of the award winning Wrapmaster range – has introduced a new ‘Easy Start’ feature to its cling film to give professionals a seamless start and a perfect tangle-free cut every time.

When the pressure is on in the kitchen, the innovative ‘Easy Start’ roll back removes the hassle associated with using a new roll of cling film making the Wrapmaster range even easier to use and allowing professionals to go about their service without the headache of a tangled start to a roll of cling film.

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Juice Burst, bursting with goodness

The Juice category has been going through something of a hard time of late, as consumers become more cautious of added sugar in their beverages; however there is one brand that has been thriving throughout. JUICEBURST has been established for fifteen years now, and a change of ownership five years ago has seen strong growth ever since. According to CGA, JUICEBURST is growing at 165% versus last year in the Foodservice Market (1/8/16 MAT).

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Rocketing salad sales and a surge in superfoods

Over the last few years, operators have seen a shift in customer menu choices. With the surge in superfoods, many customers are buying healthy and filling items that are not only fresh and crunchy, but can also fit around their increasingly busy lifestyles. With a shift from sandwiches to salads, supermarket giant Tesco reported that sales of their leafy salads rocketed by nearly 300% in the last year.

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Compostable Woodland children’s lunch boxes from Colpac

Providing a balanced and practical lunch on-the-go that appeals to children, and has the approval of the parent, is no easy task. So leading supplier Colpac has launched a fantastic new range of children’s lunch packaging that helps catering operators to do just that, whilst being environmentally responsible.

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SCA launches new Tork dispenser line for premium washrooms

Using dispensers in public washrooms brings many practical and hygienic advantages.

But for many image-conscious establishments, dispensers have often been neglected due to high requirements on design. From that insight, SCA now launches Tork Image Design Line – a new complete dispenser line in stainless steel designed for premium washrooms.

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Ecolab Greaselift product innovation

Is it true you can safely degrease without wearing gloves and goggles?

Ecolab’s greaselift is a powerful and non-caustic kitchen degreasing solution.

Greaselift™ is an innovative, non-caustic and biodegradable kitchen degreasing solution that has the power of caustic degreasers, but does not require the use of protective gloves, googles or aprons.

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FIFO Bottles – First In, First Out for quick service

Menu customisation is popular with Millennials who expect to be able to pick and choose their meal items with ease. Sauces are an ideal way to differentiate your menu items and allow your customers to make custom decisions without adding too much additional cost to your operation.

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Introducing new Graze Pots: the smart way to serve healthy snacks

Bunzl Catering Supplies, in partnership with London Bio Packaging, has developed a new range of cold food PET containers, with lids and a topper, called ‘Graze Pots’. In response to the continuing popularity of healthy grazing throughout the day rather than formal set meals, these snack-size pots are the ideal solution for packaging and presenting smaller health-conscious portions.  Part of the Revive range of recycled and recyclable packaging, these high clarity containers contain 30% recycled PET content.

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Chicopee Purple Coffee Towel

Chicopee introduces the Coffee Towel

With 1.7 billion cups of coffee sold per year in 18,000 outlets across the UK alone, it is safe to say the coffee scene is exploding. However, with this growth has come a number of challenges, including the maintenance of the coffee machine – a vital piece of equipment for any good coffee shop.

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Huhtamaki Taste trays

Serve a new Taste with Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki’s ‘Taste’ range of food to-go packaging now includes trays.  Suitable for hot and cold foods and developed with over the counter service in mind, the new trays are ideal for the takeaway and bakery markets.

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Keep packaging simple with Combione® innovative fused hinge containers from Colpac

Street food and artisan food markets have increased in popularity over the last few years and are providing food options that are unique and widely appreciated by UK consumers.

Combione is a new concept in combination packaging where the paperboard base and plastic lid are fused together. The innovative fused hinge creates a firm closing system between the paperboard base and plastic lid, to prevent leaks and provide an easy one-piece solution.

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Label 2 Go Free From Design Labels

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian ‘Free From’ Labels

Our exclusive brand Label 2 Go has just launched a fantastic new range of food packaging labels to cater for the expanding free-from sector. The labels currently come in three designs covering the most common free-from food options provided in restaurants, cafes and shops. Designs include Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian and are colour-coded to help customers easily identify suitable products.

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