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Bowl food: all the comforts of home, while on the go

You may be wondering how ‘bowl food’ can be a trend. It’s not a recipe or an ingredient, in fact this trend is based more around the serving vessel than what’s inside. It’s true that putting food into a bowl is not an innovative or new idea, however this trend is all about creating the perfect combination of flavours in a way that is simple and easy to enjoy. With bowl food there’s an option for everyone, it’s unfussy, fast and adaptable. What has traditionally been seen as a quick way to throw a meal together at home has launched itself directly onto the menus of the UK high street.

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Stylish packaging for on the go lifestyles

Snacking consumption has been on the rise for a few years now, but the most significant growth has come in the past two years. The proportion of consumers snacking everyday grew from 76% in 2014 to 83% in 2016, according to the Technomic “2016 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report”.

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Compostable v recyclable food packaging

Ask the Expert: Jo Gilroy (Head of Sustainability).

We asked our Sustainability expert ‘Which option is more sustainable – compostable packaging or recyclable packaging?’

And here’s what she told us…

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The fastest way to break your fast: Breakfast to go

Quoted as “the most important meal of the day”, surprisingly breakfast is one of the meals that is skipped the most often here in the UK. A survey by Harris Interactive has found that 45 percent of Brits admit to missing breakfast at least once a week. But surely this is not completely by choice? Time and convenience frequently play a part in whether stomachs are fulfilled in the morning. The Mintel Breakfast Catering report from 2013 found that around a quarter of consumers eat breakfast out of home once a week or more, with recent research from Harris International suggesting that two thirds of adults purchase their breakfast on the way to work from either a retailer or a foodservice operator. This means that this could be a real growth area for operators who are not currently providing a varied breakfast offering. Of all the meals eaten out of home, Harris International have found that breakfast is the most impulse driven.

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The Big Cheese: Why operators and customers love macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese has been dominating the US market for years, to the extent that standalone mac and cheese restaurants have opened in New York, San Francisco and across the States! But in recent years this American favourite has become more and more popular for foodservice operators here in the UK. According to research by Horizons, since 2010 the inclusion of mac and cheese on menus in the UK has increased by 550%.

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Huhtamaki Taste trays

Serve a new Taste with Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki’s ‘Taste’ range of food to-go packaging now includes trays.  Suitable for hot and cold foods and developed with over the counter service in mind, the new trays are ideal for the takeaway and bakery markets.

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Food Packaging e-brochure

NEW Food Packaging e-brochure launched

Food packing is an everyday essential for any catering establishment. When food is packaged appropriately it can retain quality, be portioned to the correct size and appeal to customers. By using suitable food packaging and labelling, products can be easily identified and experienced at their best.

We have just launched an online interactive brochure for our core-range of Food Packaging products. Part of our e-brochure collection, Food Packaging joins the Tableware and Disposables categories, which were released earlier in the year.

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Huhtamaki Eatwell containers

‘Eatwell’ on-the-go!

Huhtamaki has launched ‘Eatwell’, a range of paper food containers, which, thanks to its carefully considered choice of sizes, is one of the most extensive ranges now available in UK foodservice.

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