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The importance of maintaining a steady fridge temperature

A study of over 200 chefs, completed by Enigma Project, revealed a third of chefs had worked in kitchens which served meat which is no longer fresh, or is spoiled.

One of the main ways to prevent meat from being spoiled is by making sure that your refrigerator and freezer has the correct temperature, particularly when it’s situated in hot working kitchens.

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Safety in your kitchen

An essential piece of kitchen equipment, but hopefully one that isn’t required too often – first aid kits provide catering staff with the means to treat minor injuries in the workplace.

Chefs and servers have a challenging job that often requires juggling multiple tasks at once and can involve potentially hazardous conditions. Boiling hot liquids, sharp knives, grease and fire – kitchen employees need to be aware of everything going on around them and know what to do if an incident occurs.

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Keeping food safe and cooked to perfection

When cooking dishes for your customers there are two main priorities – the first is that the food is safe for consumption and the second is that the food is cooked to specification.

Food safety is essential in all foodservice environments; measures must be in place to prevent cross-contamination, monitor the freshness of food and ensure that it is cooked to a safe temperature.

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DayMark delivers more with food rotation label dispenser

Back-of-house food safety labels are essential in all professional kitchens. They are an excellent way to monitor proper food rotation and ensure First In First Out (FIFO) protocol.

Ensuring food freshness is an integral part to any food safety plan, and the most inexpensive and efficient way to ensure the freshness and safety of food is a simple food safety labelling system.

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What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease affects approximately 1 in 100 people in the UK and only 24% of people who have the condition are medically diagnosed. That’s almost half a million people in the UK who suffer from this disease who are undiagnosed.

For Coeliac Awareness Week, which ends 15th May 2016, Coeliac UK are campaigning to help the public identify the symptoms and improve diagnosis.

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NEW Food Safety and Hygiene e-brochure launched

It is imperative for any foodservice operator to be aware of the current back of house legislation and best practices that will affect the safety of your staff and customers. We have created a new Food Safety and Hygiene e-brochure showcasing our core range of products; providing you with a better understanding of the most suitable safety items for your business.

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Reduce the spread of infections through hand washing

A three year study into the effects of hand washing on reducing illnesses has proved that the practice really does work. The study, which involved 20,000 adults, is the first large-scale randomised test to confirm that increased hand washing leads to lower rates of infection.

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