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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Bento beautiful…

Japanese cooking styles continue to grow in popularity – the UK Sushi industry is now worth £56 million annually – but is it possible that Bento might give Sushi a run for its money?

We predict that Bento – Japan’s famously beautiful, compartmental lunch box meal, is poised to take centre-stage in the UK casual dining industry in 2017.

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Food On-The-Go Trend 2017 – Ice cream is on a roll…

There are many great ways to serve ice cream – curled on top of a wafer cone with a chocolate flake on top, scooped into an ice-cream sundae dish with fruit and cream, or even blended into a milkshake to be slurped through a straw. In 2017 these traditional ice-cream servings have been joined by a new creamy delight – rolled ice cream.

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Get set to Impresso customers

There’s absolutely no doubt that the rise of the coffee bar culture has changed customers’ expectations when it comes to the style of cup they want their hot beverage to be served in.

Those looking for a contemporary, sleek style solution with superb insulation to cater for the latest coffee culture trend need look no further than the Black Impresso Double Wall cups from Huhtamaki; Ideal for serving frothy cappuccinos, tempting lattes and luxurious hot chocolates.

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‘Eatwell’ this winter with Huhtamaki

Almost three quarters of us buy food to go each week*, and as we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn and the approaching winter, consumer demand for more substantial takeaway foods that help take the edge off the seasonal chill will be inevitable. Using ‘Eatwell’ paper food containers from Huhtamaki, caterers can easily serve hearty and wholesome meals which can be enjoyed on the go.

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Takeaways to ‘enjoy’ from Huhtamaki

For operators looking to provide a stylish and coordinated takeaway food and drink offering, the eye-catching ‘enjoy’ range of quality disposable packaging from Huhtamaki is ideal. The ‘enjoy’ range of products includes paper hot and cold cups, plastic tumblers and paper food containers and can be used to serve a wide range of hot and cold foods and beverages.

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Latest Huhtamaki research offers insight into ‘Food To Go’

Huhtamaki, has continued its ‘Consumer Insights’ series with the commissioning of independent consumer research into food to go consumption within the UK. The new ‘Food To Go’ Market Factsheets further enhance the Company’s knowledge of the marketplace, and are a valuable tool that Huhtamaki is keen to share with customers!

2,000 respondents said ‘yes’ to buying food to go in the month prior to being questioned, the equivalent of 31.8 million* consumers. These respondents were then questioned on three main areas – frequency of purchase; what’s being bought; and the importance of packaging.

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Huhtamaki Sorello cups capture Café Life

Whether it’s a macchiato or a mocha, a cappuccino or a café au lait; the skills of expertly trained barista have certainly encouraged us to become a nation of coffee lovers.  The trend for speciality coffees is growing* and almost 80% of the UK population purchase a hot drink to go**.  So be sure that your beverage service is able to provide a premium quality takeaway drinks experience and use the new ‘Sorello’ smooth double wall paper cups from Huhtamaki – the latest addition to Huhtamaki’s insulated paper cups range, made here in the UK.

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Huhtamaki Taste trays

Serve a new Taste with Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki’s ‘Taste’ range of food to-go packaging now includes trays.  Suitable for hot and cold foods and developed with over the counter service in mind, the new trays are ideal for the takeaway and bakery markets.

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Huhtamaki Eatwell containers

‘Eatwell’ on-the-go!

Huhtamaki has launched ‘Eatwell’, a range of paper food containers, which, thanks to its carefully considered choice of sizes, is one of the most extensive ranges now available in UK foodservice.

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Catering Equipment Expo 2015

The Catering Equipment Expo 2015

Bunzl Catering Supplies’ key partner suppliers will be exhibiting at the Catering Equipment Expo, the UK’s largest dedicated catering equipment show, at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday 16th September.

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Huhtamaki rPET CE Marked Tumblers - Rugby World Cup

Say ‘Cheers’ to the start of the Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup kicking off on 18th September, venues will be filling up with fans ready to back their favourite team in what promises to be several weeks of thrilling sport.  Operators can prepare for the action, and get ready to cater for thirsty customers by stocking up with pint and half pint ‘To Line’ or ‘To Brim’ CE Marked rPET tumblers from Huhtamaki.

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Huhtamaki rPET Polarity Tumblers Breakfast

Grab breakfast to go!

It has long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with today’s busy lifestyles it’s not always at the top of everyone’s list.  Customers are often looking for quick, healthy choices they can ‘grab n go’ to kick start their day. The Polarity tumblers from Huhtamaki offer the perfect packaging solution for operators looking to serve a delicious array of breakfast options as part of their takeaway menu.

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Huhtamaki Enjoy Hot and Cold Cups

Serve drinks for customers to Enjoy!

The ‘enjoy’ range from Huhtamaki, provides operators with a vibrant selection of cups and tumblers, which guarantee to brighten beverage services and put a smile on the face of customers!

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New Enjoy cold cups

Establishments looking to add a modern flash of colour to their existing beverage service will love the new ‘Enjoy’ paper cold cups from leading disposable packaging manufacturer, Huhtamaki.

The perfect addition to any catering provision, new ‘Enjoy’ paper cold cups introduce an attractive, eye-catching design to countertops; and complement the ‘Enjoy’ double-wall paper hot cups already manufactured by Huhtamaki.

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