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The rise of the vegan diet

Veganism is on the rise. In 2006, 150 thousand people in the UK opted for a plant-based diet, in 2017, over 542 thousand people did the same – that’s a 350 per cent increase.

Why has taking on a vegan diet become so popular? Well, there are many scientifically proven health benefits, such as a higher vitamin c, protein, iron, calcium and fibre intake, as well as the vegan diet being extremely low in saturated fats.

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You are what you eat, but what are you eating? – The trend for clean labelling

It has long been said that ‘you are what you eat’, and although a little over simplistic, the phrase encompasses the theory that a healthy and happy life can often be attributed to the food that you consume.

The question “what’s on your plate today?” sounds simple, but do you actually know what are you consuming and what truly goes into each part of every meal that you eat?

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Keeping food consumers informed with nutritional information

According to NHS data, over 58% of women and 65% of men in England are classified as being overweight or obese, with a main contributor being the healthiness of their diets.

A lack of knowledge about nutritional information was the key barrier for people to make informed dietary choices and 40% of consumers stated that they found the format of nutritional information on food packaging confusing (Mintel, 2015).

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Going Veggie for Meat Free Week

This week, until 8th August, is National Meat Free Week. The awareness week aims to educate people about the health and environmental benefits of reducing their meat consumption.

The most recent National Diet and Nutrition survey (2012) reported that 1.2 million people in the UK are completely vegetarian. This total has been estimated at around 3 million in 2016. Mintel categorises 23 percent of the UK population as meat-reducers, people who are attempting to eat less meat, and 10 percent of the population as meat-avoiders, people who plan to eat little or no meat but sometimes lapse. The Vegan Society have found that over 542,000 people in the UK are now following a vegan diet, a rise of 360 percent from 10 years ago.

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Introducing new Graze Pots: the smart way to serve healthy snacks

Bunzl Catering Supplies, in partnership with London Bio Packaging, has developed a new range of cold food PET containers, with lids and a topper, called ‘Graze Pots’. In response to the continuing popularity of healthy grazing throughout the day rather than formal set meals, these snack-size pots are the ideal solution for packaging and presenting smaller health-conscious portions.  Part of the Revive range of recycled and recyclable packaging, these high clarity containers contain 30% recycled PET content.

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Label 2 Go Free From Design Labels

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian ‘Free From’ Labels

Our exclusive brand Label 2 Go has just launched a fantastic new range of food packaging labels to cater for the expanding free-from sector. The labels currently come in three designs covering the most common free-from food options provided in restaurants, cafes and shops. Designs include Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian and are colour-coded to help customers easily identify suitable products.

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